Sail ahead into the Booty Zone in our all new game Ships Bounty! Set your path to win in the Chest Bonus or Expanded Free Spins with a progressive multiplier! Experience wins over 5000x

Booty Reels

Look out for the Booty Reels which will enhance your winning experience! Land a Free Spins Symbol to gain an extra 2 spins and +1 multiplier per symbol in an active booty zone. Land the chest bonus for a higher chance of getting Gold and Platinum coins!

Free Spins

Ships Bounty free spins features 7 high reels with wilds and re-triggers! The amount of Free Spins will be determined by how many symbols land in the Booty Zone. Symbols that land in the Booty Zone will award 4 free spins per symbol and +1 to your progressive multiplier! Each Wild that lands on a active Booty Reel will increase the multiplier.

Chest Bonus

Loot the chest bonus for all of its coins! For each Chest bonus that lands in an active booty zone it will increase your chance of landing a Gold or Platinum coins! You will have 3 lives to collect all 35 coins if you dare!