Lloyd Butler Appointed CEO



Rapidly-growing, omni-channel content provider Live 5, is pleased to announce that Lloyd Butler
has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, with immediate effect.
Live 5 Chairman Roy Howell stated, “In the five months since we separated from Entnet, the business
has grown considerably under Lloyd’s tenacious direction. He is a determined, skilful leader and negotiator
and the Live 5 team has total faith in his ability to drive the company forward. He is building strong
relationships within the mobile and land-based markets and this new position within the company is well-earned.”

Lloyd first started working with Roy Howell in the gaming sector at Maygay Machines in 1998, where he
worked for 9 years before moving to Ace Coin. Following Ace, Lloyd worked outside of the gaming industry
for 5 years and was involved in developing the first ever video phone and GPS tracking systems. He
returned to the gaming industry in 2007 with Fatspanner, where he helped develop several top-performing
SWP titles. He became a shareholder of Entnet in 2013 and left in 2016 to create Live 5 with Roy
Howell, Andy Worley, Martin Robson and Stuart Harper.